Friends of Airedale Line

Friends of Airedale Line (FoAL) is a federation of station adoption teams.

The aims of the organisation are

· To promote practical environmental enhancement works by volunteers, businesses and local authorities for the benefit of the community, visitors and train passengers

· To publicise and raise awareness of the benefits of ‘green transport plans’, the train and attractions of the stations and their environs – and to increase station ‘footfall’

· To encourage community involvement and ownership, particularly by young people and schools, in conservation, environment and associated education artworks, poetry, music, competition (and similar events) – at the stations and their environs

· To encourage local businesses to improve their own properties and to sponsor environmental enhancement in the station environs

· To campaign for improved infrastructure facilities and services

· To work in partnership with all stakeholders to achieve these aims

· To support Station Adoption Teams

· To achieve any other similar aims identified and agreed by the organisation

Details of each Station Adopter will posted very soon, but for general information regarding Station Adoption please contact FoAL Chairman Graham Mitchell